The committees

The Student Board

The Board acts as a central unit for the activities of the guild and are responsible for leading the committees. It consists of a core management board as well as the different committee leaders. Protocol meetings, or PM:s are held about twice a month. Any member willing to share ideas or opinions is welcome to attend these meetings. The meetings are announced on the dash board right outside the Board’s office five work days before the meeting takes place!

The Festivities Committee

The sexmästeri is the group responsible for organizing the different parties (sexor) and dinners (sittning), as well as pubs and similar events. It consists of eight party happy individuals. For the larger events, we usually need more workers so if you are interested in helping out, if you have some awesome idea or just want to ask a question, you are welcome to contact us!

The Information Committee

The Information Committee’s (InfU) major task is to convey and spread information at the Guild. There are a few channels of information to choose from; the Guild newspaper Kempen, the weekly journal Orbitalen, as well as the Guild webpage. The Information Committee also has an archivist who is responsible for the Guild archives where one might find a variety of different things, as well as the occasional Guild treasure. Infu also makes sure that there is a photographer present during the Guild’s activities. Pictures taken during these activities may then be used for different kinds of purposes by the members of the Committees, and the Guild in general.

The Sports Committee

It is the Sports Committee’s task to promote participation in different sports events, as well as to organize such events within the Guild. They are also the representatives for the Guild in TLTH’s Sports Committee.

The Committee of Corporate Relations

The K-guild’s industrial contact group, also known as IKG, is the Guild’s representative when it comes to contact with companies and organizations. We tie new bonds with exciting companies that are relevant to us Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology students. We care for and expand long time, existing relations with companies. By means of lunch presentations, job market conventions and other fun events, we at IKG present both students and enterprises the possibility of forging co-operative relations as early as during the years of study. In this committee you have the opportunity to develop as a person, have fun and take on new challenges. Engaging yourself in IKG gives you an even greater chance to get in contact with your favorite company and find your future dream job! We arrange KULA and other events with companies during the year.

Yellow Commanders

Kommandu Gul is the committee in charge of spreading our yellow color throughout all of LTH and also organize cozy pubs. Kommando Gul wants to improve on everyone’s everyday lives with small surprises. Perhaps coffee and a biscuit might be in order? If you miss out on a pub you need not despair, there are always more opportunities! KG also has the important task of keeping our monument, Bautastenen, in its rightful color.

The Committee of Student Facilities

Källarmästeriet’s tasks include serving Guild members coffee, sweets, soda or anything else one might desire to purchase during lunch hours. We are also responsible for selling important items, such as ouveralles and patches during the introductory activities (nollningen). The committee consists of 7 ordinary posts as well as a few trainee posts. These are the ones who keep our lunch café open. KM is also responsible for the Guild’s common room, Gallien, as well as most of the Guild’s thingamajigs.

Committee of Cultural Interest

It is the mission of the Committee for Cultural interest to cultivate the members of the Guild by arranging visits to cultural events, movie nights in the common room, inform of current theatrical and musical events and in other ways highlight culture.

The Student Council of B & K

The Student Council work with all sorts of things concerning our education. Everything from the continuous course evaluation or the study environment to study evenings or international events organized by the Guild. If you are interested in knowing more, come and talk to us!
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The Honors Committee

Förtjänstmedaljer delas ut till framstående personer som gjort goda insatser för Kemi- och biotekniksektionen skall medaljer delas ut av medaljkommittén i samband med kalibreringsfesten. Medaljer skall fungera som en belöning och en uppmuntran, samt vara en sporre för yngre förmågor.

The Nomination Committee

The quest of the Election Committee is to make the election process more effective by preparing candidates before the election procedure, as well presenting proper candidates on the Guild-meeting. The Election Committee is elected during the Guild-meeting in the spring


Revisorn ska ha insikt i ekonomiska förhållanden som uppdraget kräver och ha god insikt i sektionens verksamhet. Den ska även granska sektionens böcker och räkenskaper samt taga del av sektionsmötenas och styrelsens protokoll.

Allt som händer på sektionen drivs av ett utskott. På denna sida finns en liten sammanfattning om vad varje utskott har för uppgift. Om du klickar på länkarna vid sidan kan du se vad varje funktionärspost har för uppdrag. Att engagera sig i ett utskott är ett ypperligt sätt att lära känna folk och få något annat än studier att tänka på.