Other Volunteers

These Volunteers relates to section-meetings and not the student board, as the other volunteers. 


Name and Year:  V.A Kant        
Email: k-talman@tlth.se

The speaker is responsible for calling for guild meetings together with the Student board.  The speaker is the chairman of the spring term meeting, the autumn term meeting and other section meetings


Name and year:
Malin Nilsson
Dennis Bogren
E-mail: k-revisor@tlth.se

The accountant should have insight into the financial conditions of the guild and have a good insight into the activities of the section. The accountant  will also review the section's books and accounts as well as review the section and board meeting Protocols.

Head of biotechnology

Name and year:  Tova Lindh
                            Sofie Liljewall
Email:                 k-bts@tlth.se

Member of TLTH:s Election Committee

Name and year:  Emma Kihlberg


Name: Bernt Nilsson