the committee of student facilities

Källarmästeriet’s tasks include serving Guild members coffee, sweets, soda or anything else one might desire to purchase during lunch hours. We are also responsible for selling important items, such as ouveralles and patches during the introductory activities (nollningen). The committee consists of 7 ordinary posts as well as a few trainee posts. These are the ones who keep our lunch café open. KM is also responsible for the Guild’s common room, Gallien, as well as most of the Guild’s thingamajigs

superintendent of student facilities

Name: Hanna Josefsson
Year:     B14
Telephone:   0730-833031

Hi, my name is Hanna Josefsson and I am Superintendent Of Student Facilities at the K-guild. Together with the rest of The Committee Of Student Facilities I am in charge of our café. Here you can find coffee, sweets and most of the time also something homemade. I also make sure that you can by Ouveralles of the finest colour, yellow, and patches to decorate it with. Besides this I am the one you contact if you want to rent our common room for pubs, study evenings or something else. You often find me behind the bar where I spend many of my lunches. Otherwise you can always contact me via email or telephone.

vice superintendent of student facilities

Name and Year:     Fredrik Lund     B15

Vice superintendent of student facilities helps the superintendent of student facilities with their work.

treasurer of student facilities

Name and Year:     Ronja Wennerström   B15



Name and Year:     Viktor Persson
Joel van Lunteren  



Name and Year:   Elias Azawee     K15   

The ortopedix is responsible for ensuring that the section's fantastic bouncy castle is repaired and used.


Name and Year:     Alva Rodhe    B16



Name and Year:  Stephanie Laurent-Hedlund    K16

The mechanic is responsible for the maintenance of Gallien's own vending machine. The mechanic should also ensure that the machine is well stocked.


Name and Year:   Max Viklund   K14

Responsible for the screens in Gallien but also for the production of posters and flyers.

event creator in the committee of student facilities

Name and Year:     Vacant 

The event creator in the committee of student facilities is responsible for organizing and making purchases for theme days, campaigns and other events.


Name and Year:     Cecilia Nordenö     B15

The inventory is responsible for controlling the availability of goods in the KM store and that the best before date is followed properly.