The Festivities Committee

The sexmästeri (festive Committee) is the group responsible for organizing the different parties (sexor) and dinners (sittning), as well as pubs and similar events. It consists of eight party happy individuals. For the larger events, we usually need more workers so if you are interested in helping out, if you have some awesome idea or just want to ask a question, you are welcome to contact us!

Head of Festivities

Name: Tova Lindh
Year:   B16

As Head of Festivities at the Guild of Chemical engineering and Biotechnology I arrange, together with my Committee and sometimes other Committees, a lot of legendary parties, pubs, brunches and other fun stuff during the year. My role in the Committee is to make sure that everyone does their job, to be a link between our Committee of Festivities and the comparison on other Guilds, and to have the outmost responsibility at every event.
If you have any questions, ideas or opinions you are very welcome to contact me. It’s important to remember that it is for you, the members of the Guild, that we arrange all this!

Vice Head of Festivities

Name: Jonathan Gustafsson

As Vice Head of Festivities, I am a playmaker who takes care of the tasks that don’t belong to the other posts. I am responsible for making sure we follow our budget, together with the Head of Festitives, and I support him with his tasks when he requires it. I recruit people to work with us at our events and make sure that everyone has a great time when they are working. Also, I take care of random things, like ordering patches etc. and help everyone in the committee when they need it.

Please contact me if you would like to work with us during the year of if you have any questions!


Name and Year:
  Sofie Ekelund 
  Elias Carlsson


Hello there! We are the Headwaiters in the Committee of Festivities and we are in charge of serving and decoration at our events. With good seating arrangements and nice service we will make sure that you leave the party with a smile.


Name and Year:
 Johan Thorssonn 
 Tilda Fransson 


Hello! It is going to be the pair of us two that you will be seeing behind the bar counter where we'll be making drinks, serving food and other delicious things at K-sek's eftersläpp. We are also the ones responsible of ordering the beverage that is served during our sittningar.

If you are feeling hungry there is always food in the bar, and if you need to quench your thirst we serve the best water of all LTH!


Name and Year:
 Alma Fahlén Hammar
 David Bergman

Hello! We are the ones who you might not see during the events because we are hiding in the kitchen. We are two merry blokes that are the K guilds chefs who ensures that each and every guest are satisfied and happy. Our goals for the events is that the food will taste great, served in time and at the end of the evening that everybody is so full that they feel the need to unbutton their pants.

Pub Captain

Name and year:  Simon Svanholm
                           Erik Rosengren    

Being a pub master at the Guild you are responsible for the planning and execution of the pubs organized at the K-section. You have to have knowledge of the alcohol law, like to cook and preferably also know a thing or two about beverages. This is the best job at the section, no lies!


Name and year: Julia Södergren
                          Erik Apelqvist

Festivities Ions

Name and year:  Frank Rummukainen
                            Nina Alian
                            Cecilia Håkansson
                            Malin Thituson
                            Emelie Wiklund
                            Rebecka Svensson
                           Olle Wikner
                           Isabella Bergström
                           Stina Andersson
                           Sofie Liljewall
                           Gabrielle Johansson
                           Nicki Holmgran
                           Anastasiia Kononenko
                           Maria Thurfjell
                           Sarah Nachemson Ekwall


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