The Information Committee

(Swedish: Informationsutskottet)
The Information Committee’s (InfU) major task is to convey and spread information at the Guild. There are a few channels of information to choose from; the Guild's newspaper Druiden, the weekly journal Orbitalen, as well as the Guild's webpage. The Information Committee also has an archivist who is responsible for the Guild's archives, where one might find a variety of different things, as well as the occasional Guild treasure. InfU also makes sure that there is a photographer present during the Guild’s activities. Pictures taken during these activities may then be used for different kinds of purposes by the members of the Committees and the Guild in general.

Head of Public Relations

Name: Emma Kihlberg
Year :      B15
Telephone:  0705-715016

My name is Emma Kihlberg and I am Head of Public Relations during 2017, which is a new post in the Student Board at the K-guild from this year. As Head of Public Relations I am head of the Information Committee and responsible for all of the Guild’s information channels; for example social media, the website, the weekly newsletter Orbitalen and the Guild paper Druiden. I make sure that you, as a member of the K-guild, get all the information you need to make your time at LTH as good as possible. All in all, it’s my job to have a close eye on everything that is spread from the Guild.
Do you have questions about any of the Guild’s information channels? Do you have information that you want to spread to the members of the Guild? Do you want to write something in the next Druiden? – Just send me an email or ask me when we meet in the corridors at KC, and I’ll help you.


Name and Year:
Jacob Bjurenfalk  
Linnea Tengwall

The Redacteurs will together with the Journalists produce the K-Guilds own magazine Druiden and give out to student members of the Guild and other students at other guilds. The Redacteurs will also make the K-Guilds newsletter Orbitalen. The person responsible for Druiden and Orbitalen is the president of the Student board.


Name and Year:      Louise Bengtsson    
Linnéa Tengvall 

Our task is to write articles and other fun things for the K-guild's magazine Druiden. Write to us if you have anything in particular you would like to see in it!

Da Vinci

Name and Year:     Max Viklund      K14

Da Vinci is responsible for graphically designing in the name of the Guild.


Name and Year:   Arvid Lillängen
Andreas Viklund   

The Krabbofixes are the guild's website manager (read hacker). Are there any fun events coming up? Is your committee doing something cool that the rest of the guild should know about? Do you have a fun idea about what the question of the week could be next week? Then it is the Krabbofix you should contact!


Name and Year:     Ingrid Isacsson 
Cecilia Håkansson

The Photographers task is to take pictures and document all the fun things happening in the Guild, such as parties, the introduction weeks and pubs. The Photographers are also responsible for editing the pictures and making sure that they are accessible for all members. 


Name and Year:     Lucas Fredriksson  B15



Name and Year:  Markus Liljenberg  B15

The Cinematographer is the person who is responsible for creating movies for the sektion and maintaining the YouTube channel "K-sektionen vid LTH".