The Student Board

We are the Student Board of the Guild of Chemical engineering and Biotechnology! The Student Board is a juncture for the activities of the Guild and responsible for leading the committees. The Student Board consists of the presidium and the leaders of the committees. Approximately two times a month the Student Board has protocol meetings and all members of the Guild are welcome to share their opinions and ideas at these meetings. The summon can be found at the pin board outside the Student Board’s room at least five days before the meeting and it can also be sent to you via e-mail if you contact! Note that the meetings are held in Swedish, but can be translated in real time by someone of the participants of the meeting. We will gladly answer your questions about the Guild, and if the door to the Student Board’s room is open you are very welcome to visit us!
By sending an email to you will reach the entire Student Board.


Name: Dennis Bogren
Year:        K13
Telephone:  0708-113378

2017 is going to be a great year for the K-Guild. That will I, Dennis Bogren, make a reality of together with my amazing Student Board. I will together with the Vice President lead the Student Board that thenwill lead all the committees that makes all the events. I am also the K-Guilds front towards the rest of the world.
Mostly I handle administrative stuff of different kinds and I also have a lot of contact with the other Guild’s Presidents and also the central part of the Union. If you have any questions about the Guild or the Union or anything else I am happy to answer them. If you can’t find me in Gallien or in the Student Board room when you have questions or just want to have a chat you can always contact me by mail or phone.

vice President

Name: Malin Nilsson
Year:          K15
Telephone:    0707-813851

The time is now 22:00 and yet another Protocol Meeting is completed, only 10h left until it’s time to be back in school again – that’s no issue, right?
Everybody might’ve asked themselves at some point what is driving each volunteer to have the passion to keep on going – no matter how tired one might be. My passion is to make sure the Guild is moving forward, developing and stimulating a good fellowship. During the Operational year of 2017 it will be I, Malin Nilsson, who has the honour to act as Vice President within the Guild. From members perspective, it might not be perfectly clear what I’ll be doing, but the main role I’ll be playing is in supporting the internal work of the Student Board and it’s foremen. Together with the President, we’ll be main responsible for the Guild and act as it’s right hand by collaborating and taking responsibility as needed. Apart from keeping track of the President, I’ll be responsible for the University Contact Group, where we strive to promote the alumni activities and keep in touch with other universities, both in Sweden and abroad. Vice President also acts as contact person for the Nomination committee.
Should you have any questions at all in regards to my work or general questions – please feel free to contact me by phone, email or just stop me in the corridors at KC!


Name: Manfred Klug
Year:        B14
Telephone:   0730-532563

Have you ever wondered how the Guild works behind the scenes? How the Policy Documents are updated to the latest version or who’s hiding behind the computer at all the Guild Meetings, typing his heart out? These are all things that the Secretary does. This year it’s my, Manfred Klug’s, honor to have this very important position in the Student Board. As the Secretary, it’s my job to make sure that everything administrative goes smoothly. Everything from sending out summons for the Protocol and Guild meetings to making sure that there’s enough Post-It notes in the Board room is my job. If you want to know how the basics for the Guild work, or if you want to be on the mail list for summons for all the Protocol meetings, don’t hesitate to ask! I promise I won’t bite.

Head of Finance

Name: Maria Ekerup
Year:     K14
Telephone:    0705-548480

Hello my name is Maria, also called Cashie or Skattis, and I am the Head of Finance at the Guild of Chemical engineering and Biotechnology. That means that I keep track of all of the Guilds money. My everyday life consists of book keeping, sending and paying invoices as well as keeping track of receipts. As Head of Finances I am also part of the Student Board. If you have questions regarding the Guilds economy, money, or what the Student Board does you can come ask me anytime.

Head of Festivities

Name: Erik Friberg
Year:        K14
Telephone:   0722-603024

My name is Erik Friberg and I am the party master at this Guild!
As Head of Festivities at the Guild of Chemical engineering and Biotechnology I arrange, together with my Committee and sometimes other Committees, a lot of legendary parties, pubs, brunches and other fun stuff during the year. My role in the Committee is to make sure that everyone does their job, to be a link between our Committee of Festivities and the comparison on other Guilds, and to have the outmost responsibility at every event.
If you have any questions, ideas or opinions you are very welcome to contact me. It’s important to remember that it is for you, the members of the Guild, that we arrange all this!

Superintendent of Student Facilities

Name: Hanna Josefsson
Year:     B14
Telephone:   0730-833031

Hi, my name is Hanna Josefsson and I am Superintendent Of Student Facilities at the K-guild. Together with the rest of The Committee Of Student Facilities I am in charge of our café. Here you can find coffee, sweets and most of the time also something homemade. I also make sure that you can by Ouveralles of the finest colour, yellow, and patches to decorate it with. Besides this I am the one you contact if you want to rent our common room for pubs, study evenings or something else. You often find me behind the bar where I spend many of my lunches. Otherwise you can always contact me via email or telephone.

Head of the Student Council

Name: Frida Heskebeck
Year:     B14
Telephone:  0739-121210

Hello! My name is Frida Heskebeck and I’m the head of the Student Council. The Student Council handles all kind of study related issues. We monitor all courses to make sure that the education remains at a high level, and also work toward making the physical and psychological environment as good as possible. Furthermore we arrange interesting and fun activities for both Swedish and International students.

You can get a hold of me in the corridor if you have any questions, ideas or if you just want to chat.


Name: Julia Södergren
Year:     B14
Telephone: 0703-168096

My name is Julia Södergren and i am Øverphøs at the K-guild. This means that I, together with my five colleagues in Phøset, will plan The Introduction 2017 and then with the help of chosen mentors and others engaged in the The Introduction pursue the most fantastic Introduction the Guild has laid eyes on. If you have any thoughts, ideas, or just want to say hi, then you are very welcome to get in touch via telephone or e-mail, or just grab me when I run around at KC.

Head of Public Relations

Name: Emma Kihlberg
Year:     B15
Telephone:  0705-715016

My name is Emma Kihlberg and I am Head of Public Relations during 2017, which is a new post in the Student Board at the K-guild from this year. As Head of Public Relations I am head of the Information Committee and responsible for all of the Guild’s information channels; for example social media, the website, the weekly newsletter Orbitalen and the Guild paper Druiden. I make sure that you, as a member of the K-guild, get all the information you need to make your time at LTH as good as possible. All in all, it’s my job to have a close eye on everything that is spread from the Guild.
Do you have questions about any of the Guild’s information channels? Do you have information that you want to spread to the members of the Guild? Do you want to write something in the next Druiden? – Just send me an email or ask me when we meet in the corridors at KC, and I’ll help you.

Head of Corporate Relations

Name: Emma Månsson
Year:     B13
Telephone:   0735-101336

My name is Emma Månsson and I am Head of Corporate Relations at the K-guild. The Committee of Corporate Relations make sure that students and corporations establish contacts for the future. As the Head of Corporate Relations I am also a part of the Student board.

If You are interested in a collaboration with the K-guild, e.g. a lunch lecture, case-nights or participating during the next career fair, You are more than welcome to contact me!

Head of Recreation

Name: Daniel Espinoza
Year:     K14
Telephone:  0763-116593

Hey there! I'm the Head of Recreation at the Guild, but you can just call me Daniel. My main responsibility is to manage three of the Guild's committees: the Sports Committee, the Committee for Cultural Interest and the Yellow Commanders. In practice this means participating in the planning of these committee’s events and management of their economy, as well as being part of the execution of their events. Besides that I am a part of the Student Board as well as responsible for the Guild’s study circles. The former means that I take part of discussions and decision making together with the rest of the Student Board, and as for the latter… Well, come ask me and I will tell you everything!

You are welcome to contact me regarding ideas for events for my committees or if you wish to learn more about the work I do in the committees and as a member of the Student Board. You can also find me in and around Gallien most of the time, so just grab a hold of me and I will gladly talk to you about anything (as long as I am not rushing to a lunch meeting, which tends to happen quite often).


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