The student council of B & k

(Swedish: Studierådet)
The Student Council work with all sorts of things concerning our education. Everything from the continuous course evaluation or the study environment to study evenings or international events organized by the Guild. If you are interested in knowing more, come and talk to us!
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Head of the student council

Name: Frida Heskebeck
Year:     B14
Telephone:  0739-121210

Hello! My name is Frida Heskebeck and I’m the head of the Student Council. The Student Council handles all kind of study related issues. We monitor all courses to make sure that the education remains at a high level, and also work toward making the physical and psychological environment as good as possible. Furthermore we arrange interesting and fun activities for both Swedish and International students.

You can get a hold of me in the corridor if you have any questions, ideas or if you just want to chat.

Vice Head of the Student Council with base block responsibility

Name:Marcus Liljenberg
Year:      B15

The Vice president of the study council is there to assist the president of the study council in her work. It’s also taking care of the evaluation of courses, part of this is looking over CEQ:s. Is also respinsible for the basics of the education.

Vice Head of the Student Council with Specialisation responsibility

Name:Linnéa Petersson
Year:      K15

The Vice president of the study council is there to assist the president of the study council in her work. It’s also taking care of the evaluation of courses, part of this is looking over CEQ:s. Is also respinsible for the different specialisations of the education.

Safety Officer

Name: Linnea Gustafsson
Year:        B16

The Safety Officer’s task is to make sure the students interest in safety issues is taken care of. That includes checking emergency exits and the number of study places. Another part of the task is to go to HMS-meetings and do safety inspections.

Equality Officer

Name and Year:     Elin Larsson
Sarah Lindblom  

Equality agents are striving for equal access to good education at LTH no matter the student’s gender, age, sexual orientation, ideology, disabilities, ethnicity or social background. Don’t hesitate to contact us you feel badly treated or have an idea on how we can work with the psychosocial environment at the guild.

World Master

Name and Year:    Johan Davidsson
Jenny Lönsjö
Caroline Drabe
Johanna Langborger 
The Heads of International Affairs work as a link between the international students and the guild and arrange activities as well as inform about existing events for the international students. The Heads of International Affairs is also the international contact for the Swedish students.

Event Creator of the Student Council

Name and Year:     Johanna Nilsson
Amelia Johansson  

As event coordinators we plan inspirational lectures, study evenings and other activities associated the studies. Inform and inspire!

Student council Ion

Name and Year:     Gustav Sondell 
Frida Hallberg    

The Student Council Ions assist all members of the Student Council, with anything that they need help with. 

Freshman Representatives

Name and Year:     Hanna Sjöman
David Bergman 

The fresman representatives represents the first years of B and K in the Student Council. They are elected at a board meeting early in the autumn semester. They are a part of the Student Council until the end of the operational year.


Do you have any ideas that you want to share with us? If so, send a message to the Head of the Student Council by filling out the form below!
If you want to be anonymous you can write anonymous instead of our name.

  • Ebba Rosendal
    Head of Student Council

If you want to contact the Equality officers you can do this in the form below. You can of course fill out the form anonymously, just write anonymous in the name box.

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