Weekly schedule w9

Nothing planned yet.

Druiden-release! Come pick up an ex of the Guilds very own paper outside Gallien during the lunch. A lot of Swedish articles, but this time also one in English! For facebook event follow this link 

SMIL! Everyone is welcome to Gallien at 17.00 for a night of studying and fika. For facebook event follow this link 

Mingle with the Guild’s volunteers during the lunch in the corridor outside of Gallien! Ask question, get up to speed at what’s happening, and why not maybe become a volunteer yourself? Fika is a promise! For facebook event follow this link

Nuclear Night with start at 17.30 with the Student Union at KÅRHUSET. The number of seats are limited, registration may be found here.

Nothing planned yet.

Volunteer coffee! Free coffee, tea and hot chocolate for volunteers!

Nothing planned yet.

The Student Board has its third Student Board meeting with start at 17.15 in Marie Curie. Everyone is welcome and there will be free fika.
Sports with Idru together with the E-guild. Start 15.00 at Victoriastadion.




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