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Hi everyone!

I hope you've had a good week and enjoyed our last "summers days". Now autumn is coming and it will be colder for sure! This coming week is Feel good-week and there will be many events to attend, see the week schedule below. And one more thing that will happen this week is the Beer Mile, that is so fun! We will walk 5km and drink beer and play games during the walk. It's a lot of fun and hopefully the weather will be good! 


Best regards,

Hanna, Josephine, Emma and Ronja 

The worldmasters 

Answers from last week:

How much do you use your locker at KC?

47,37% - I have my labcoat in it. That's why we have lockers, right?
47,37% - I more or less live in my locker
5,26 %  -  I don't have a locker at KC (yet)

Number XXIII

Question of the week:

What are you most looking forward to this Fall?

Vote at ksek.se

Weekly Schedule W39


Feel good-week Lunch lecture: Hydration and performance at 12 in KC:A.


Feel Good-week Lunch event: HTTP Quiz Walk at 12 in Gallien. 


Trailer Event and Student Sessions with Skanska at 8.00-16.00 outside of Kårhuset.


Feel Good-week Workshop with Project 6 (P6) at 17.00 in Gallien.


Feel Good-week Lunch Event: Feel Good Forum at 12.00 outside of Gallien. 

Last day to sign up for food at the Fall Guild Meeting 

Volunteer coffee! Free coffee, tea and hot chocolate for all volunteers!


The Beer Mile 2.0 with IdrU at 13.00 with gathering in Gallien. 


Brunch with Athena at Östgöta Nation at 12.00.

More information about upcoming events will be found at ksek.se!

InfU informs

Apply to the project group of the New Year’s Ball!


Celebrate New Year’s Eve with glitter and glamour, in ball gown or tail-coat, with a three course meal and the New Year’s biggest party in Lund!
Every year Teknologkåren arrange a big New Year’s ball. We are now looking for a project group that wants to take part in creating a fantastic New Year!

Does it sound interesting? Apply here:


Maja Lundberg & Erika Björck

Head of the New Year’s Ball

Learn to dance bugg and foxtrot with with TLTH!

Take the opportunity and learn how to dance the swedish dance "bugg" (similar to jive) and the dance foxtrot this autumn. TLTH offers one course for beginners and one course for people with experience. We can promise that it will be fun! 

The courses will be held in Gasquesalen, Kårhuset by an experienced instructor trained by the Swedish Danssportsförbundet.

Each course will be nine occasions long and the first lesson will be October 2!

For more information about registration and payment please visit the followinghttps://www.tlth.se/posts/122-dancing-bugg-and-foxtrot-with-teknologkaren-s-dance-lessons”>page:

TLTHs danskurser.


The host application of ARKAD 2016 closes 26/9

As part of ARKAD you will be involved in creating the Student Union´s career fair and this year ARKAD celebrates 40 years anniversary. As a host, you will mainly perform different tasks during the two days of the fair. There are many different host positions, each having separate responsibilities, for example info desk, logistics, company or interior. All hosts are welcome to the renowned ARKAD gasque.

International students are able to apply for a position as a host!

The application and further information is found at http://arkad.tlth.se/en/student/. If any questions, please contact arkad@tlth.se. The application closes September 26th.


Jonna Östberg, Information Manager ARKAD 2016


Seek a position centrally at the Student Union

The nomination for positions at the student union has opened! Nominate yourself or a friend to a position at the union; we are looking for Sabbatical Officers, Committee Chairmen and Student Representatives. Lift your involvement in the student life to a new level! 

The nomination form can be found at 
http://www.tlth.se/sok and the description of the advertised positions can be found on www.tlth.se/poster. Send in your nomination before the 20th of October and you are eligible to win in a prize draw for gift cards!

  • Project manager ARKAD [*]
  • Head of Public Relations [*]
  • Head of Recreation [*]
  • Head of Introduction [**]
  • Head of the Election Committee
  • Responsible for the election of representatives to the council
  • Representative in the Recruitment committee [***]
  • Representative in the Career committee [***]
  • Speaker of the Council
  • Secretary of the Council
  • Head of the Nomination Committee
  • Representative of the Nomination Committee
  • Substitute Operations Auditor
  • Representant i delegation till Sveriges Förenade Studentkårers Fullmäktige (SFS) - Representative in the SFS council [****]

[*]: Full time, sabbatical officers,
[**]: Part time, sabbatical officer,
[***]: Student representative with emolument,
[****]: These positions will be announced once more in the future.


Alexander P. Theofanous

Head of Nomination Committee
Teknologkåren vid LTH

"Feel good" -week

It's time for the "Feel good"-week that the Student Board and the Student Council are hosting during reading week 5 ( next week). The registration for food is already closed, but you are more than welcome to participate anyway! A schedule for the theme week can be found on the door outside of Gallien.

Hope to see you next week

The Task Force, via Kristina Sturk, Vice President

Curious about what it means to be an entrepreneur?

Or what it's like to work with a start up? Or how you can realize your own idea? Then you should come to The Entrepreneurship Fair! 

What can you expect? 
- To meet different support organizations that can help you with everything from coaching, mentorships, and business development to funding, training, and access to a great network.
- To meet start-ups that are looking for students to help them out. 
- To meet and listen to the local business angels Jeanette Andersson and Hampus Jakobsson that will share their stories and give you advise.
- To expand your network.

Take this opportunity and visit The Entrepreneurship Fair on October 3!

For more information click on this link: 

On board with the Student Board 

The last week have been all about preparing for the Fall Guild Meeting. The Student Board have had a meeting to discuss the motions and sort out our opinion as a board. Both the motions and the answers from the Student Board will be available for all members soon! Other things that have been done by the Student Board the last week is planning for the Feel good-week and do work that's left from the Nollning. 

As president, it has been a lot of work within the Guild to plan meetings and events. At last, I would like to recommend signing up for food for the Fall Guild Meeting! Not only will you be able to affect the Guild at the meeting, you will also get nice and free food! 

Marika Arvidsson President

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