Weekly Schedule W.6

Nothing planned yet.

- The nominations for medals starts!! During lunchtime the Honors Committee will be outside Gallien and give information about the medals, and how you can nominate someone that you think did something extra ordinary for the Guild during 2016. More information here.

Nothing planned yet.

- It’s time to create a fantastic CV and get fully prepared for job interviews! Academic Work will be outside Gallien during the day providing expert help. From 3pm and onwards there will also be opportunities to take a photo for your CV. More info here.

- Volunteer coffee! All the volunteers gets one cup of coffee or tea for free in Gallien during lunchtime.

- K-sex Theme party 2017! The festivities committee invites you to one of the most epic parties of the year at Lophtet. During the evening they will drop their theme, but you can already check out their poster and guess what it might be. Dress up as your guess, and prepare yourself for an amazing evening. More info here
… and of course there will also be an after party! This will also be at Lophtet and is open for all members of TLTH. More info here.

Nothing planned yet.




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