Las Gegas

Have you heard of Las Gegas? No? It is the new and exciting project group under the recreation committee at The student union at Lund University, faculty of Engineering, who is hosting this springs coolest event. It will take place the 5-6 of May, do not miss Las GeGas!

It's a competition like no other in the style of the Japanese game show "human tetris". If you can't fit in the hole, prepare for a sweet dip in our pool of goo! In Las Gegas you compete in teams of maximum 12 people. As a competitor you will not only partake in the whacky competition - you will also be invited to the team-party Friday and the competition-sitting Saturday before the big final party.

Keep an eye out for the green coats!

You can report your interest at this link.

You can also read more at and at our Facebook event!




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