Weekly Schedule W.9

- Semlefika and Swedish movienight with the Worldmasters! Take the opportunity to taste a typical Swedish ‘semla’ and watch a Swedish movie. For more information check the facebook group for international students or contact k-vm@tlth.se.
- The Guild Board has their second Protocol meeting at 19.30 in meeting room Marie Curie at Kemicentrum. The meeting will be held in Swedish but if you want to attend you are very welcome. Try to find a friend that can translate for you. The Guild Board will provide ‘fika’! If you have any questions – ask the Guild Board!

- Gaming night with the Culture committee at 17.30 in Gallien! More information here.

- Study night with the Student Council in Gallien! There will be ‘fika’. More information here.

- Release of the first issue of Druiden 2017! The Information committee will be standing outside Gallien during the lunch handing out copies of the Guild paper Druiden. Big parts of the paper is in Swedish so make sure to pick up a copy. More information here.

- Volunteer coffee! All the volunteers gets one cup of coffee or tea for free in Gallien during lunchtime.

Nothing planned yet.

Nothing planned yet.




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