Weekly Schedule W.18

Monday – 1 st of May, Holiday and no events planned.

Tuesday – Start of A Week In the Future with lunch lectures Tuesday through Friday. At the time this is being written it is still possible to register for free lunch during the Wednesday lunch lecture, but the registration for the other lunches are unfortunately closed. However, you are very welcome to come to the lectures anyway, even if you missed registration for the free lunches. Check out the Facebook-event or contact The World Masters to find out which lectures will be held. https://www.facebook.com/events/1152461858216846/?active_tab=about

LSE Discussion Night
Lund Sustainable Engineers invites you to discuss what a sustainability in working life means. What aspects matter? What is sustainable on an individual level? How much effect can our choice of career have?

Wednesday – Start of the Athena Week with many events. This will continue until May 8 th . Athena is a female network at Teknologkåren. More information is available in the Facebook event or if you contact the World Masters.

A Week In The Future Lunch Lecture Lunch Workshop with BearingPoint

Thursday – A Week In The Future lunch lecture

Let IAESTE welcome you to the height of this year - the IAESTE information pub. With food better than your parent's a quiz like you've never seen before and information about your future job abroad we promise a night that will be written about.

Friday – A Week In The Future lunch lecture Start of Las Gegas! Las GeGas is a two day event for students in Lund where a competition will be held on Saturday the 6th of May. The competition is based on the Japanese gameshow “Tonneruzu no Minasan no Okage deshita”, more known as “Human Tetris”. Check out the event if you are interested.

Saturday – Las Gegas continues.

Sunday – No events planned.




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