The Cafeteria Committee

The Committe of Café tasks include serving Guild members coffee, sweets, soda or anything else one might desire to purchase during lunch hours. We are also responsible for selling important items, such as ouveralles and patches during the introductory activities (nollningen). The committee consists of 7 ordinary posts as well as a few trainee posts. These are the ones who keep our lunch café open. KM is also responsible for the Guild’s common room, Gallien, as well as most of the Guild’s thingamajigs. 

Kemicentrum (entrance E)
Naturvetarvägen 14  
223 62 Lund

Head of the Cafeteria Committee

Name:  Cecilia Håkansson        
Year:      B16
Telephone:    0703-191358


Vice head of the Cafeteria Commitee

Name:Bella Nielsen   
Year:     B16

Cafeteria Ion

Name and Year:

    Alexandra Billett
    Anna Bergman
    Ariam Kunfu
    Filip Hallböök
    Josefin Nordqvist  
    Julia Thomasson
    Lovisa Persson
    Jerry Guan


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  • The Cafeteria Committee