The committee of corporate relations

The K-guilds Corporate Relations Committee is the outward face of the guild towards companies and other organizations. We create new contacts with exciting and relevant companies to students in the K-guild. We value our long-lasting collaborations, which we further develop. By lunch seminars, case evenings and other fun activities we give students and companies a chance to commence a relationship already during studies.
In the committee one develops as a person, has a great time and takes on new challenges.
A commitment in the Corporate Relations Committee gives you even greater chances of bonding with your favorite company to get your dream job!
Contact us on: naringslivsutskottet​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Head of the corporate relations

Name:       Sarah Nashemson Ekwall 

Corporate Relations Contacts

Name and year:        Frank Rummukainen      B17
                                        Gabriella Petersson         B18
                                        Isabella Bergström          B17
                                        Julia Lövgren                     K18
                                        Sofia Mile                             K18
                                        Sofie Liljewall                    B17   


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  • The Committee Of Corporate Relations