The Honours Committee

Medals are distributed to prominent people who have made good contributions to the K-guild, medals will be awarded by the medal committee during the calibration party. Medals will serve as a reward and encouragement.

The Medal Committee consists of five represents, one from each year. 

Representative of Year 1:    Simon Malmgren    B17                      
Representative of Year 2: Alva Rodhe      B16
Representative of Year 3: Linnéa Wahlberg    B15
Representative of Year 4: V.A Kant   
Representative of Year 5: Erik Vu    K13

Head of the Honours Committee

Name: V.A Kant
Email: cermu​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Honour Ion

volunteer medal

The volunteer medal is handed out to volunteers within the section after the end of the academic year. The medal should be seen as a thanks for the work performed and encourage continued engagement.

The medal will be awarded during Kalibreringsfesten or at a later date after agreement with the Medal Committee. The application must be submitted to the medal committee no later than 10 days before the Kalibreringsesten.

The volunteer medal is in two degrees. Second degree obtained after a completed year as a volunteer and first degree obtained after three completed years as a volunteer. Those who hold a board post during one academic year receive a special volunteer medal. This medal should be a slightly prettier variant of the regular official medal. A person may only hold an official medal and then at the highest deserved level. When the medal is to be seen as an thanks from the section, there will be no costs for the individual.

special honors medal

This medal is awarded to persons who have added something special to the section and will be rewarded accordingly.

the k-spirit

This medal is awarded to people who worked for the K-section and its members far beyond the usual.

Crossed canizzaro

This medal is awarded to a person who, in an exceptional way, has made efforts for the K section and those members far beyond the ordinary.

GorBa Magnum

This medal is of such value that it is in principle not distributed. The few times it is handed out, this should be compared to the canonization of the receiver.


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