The Nomination committee

The quest of the Nomination Committee is to make the election process more effective by preparing candidates before the election procedure, as well presenting proper candidates on the Guild-meeting. The Nomination Committee is elected during the Guild-meeting in the spring

Head of the Nomination Committee

Name and Year:    Arvid Lillängen         K16 
073-842 62 93    


The nomination committee president is the person you contact if you have any questions about the electoral process.

Member of the Nomination Committee

Name and Year:     

Jerry Guan                      K16
Sofia Bengtsson           B17
Sofie Liljewall                B17
Ingrid Isacsson              K16
Filip Hallböök                K17
Nina Alain                        K17
Emmelina Frick             K18
Kajsa Wahlgren             B18
Alexandra Billett           B17
Elias Carlsson                B17

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