The sports committee

The Sports Committee arranges sport-related events for the members of the K-guild and cooperates with Sports Committees from other guilds to create larger events with participants from all of LTH.

Head of the Sports Committee

Name:   Lisa Lindahl
Year:       B17
Telephone:  0768-073817

The Sports Captain is in charge of The Sports Committee. She makes sure that The Sports Committee arranges fun events through planning together with the Sport Ions. She also takes care of economic matters and makes sure that The Sports Committee achieves their goals during the year. 

Do you have any questions, or maybe a fun idea for an event? Send an e-mail right away! 

Sports ion

Name and Year:

  Anna Wagne
  Clara Scholander
  David Wedin
  Isak Ingerholt

The Sports Ions take part in planning and execution of The Sports Committee’s events.


Do you have any ideas that you want to share with us? If so, send us a message by filling out the form below!
If you want to be anonymous you can write anonymous instead of our name.

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