Yellow Commanders

The Yellow Commanders is the committee in charge of spreading our yellow color throughout all of LTH and also organize cozy pubs. The Yellow Commanders wants to improve on everyone’s everyday lives with small surprises. Perhaps coffee and a biscuit might be in order? If you miss out on a pub you need not despair, there are always more opportunities! The Yellow Commanders also has the important task of keeping our monument, Bautastenen, in its rightful color.

Head of the Commanders

Name:            Daniel Nilsson 
Year:               K18
Telephone:     0733400457


Choir Leader

Name:  Maja Sondell  
Year:    K18


Song Contest Team Leader

Name:     Elin Stemme  
Year:         B18

Commander Ion

Name and Year:   
Caroline Gabrielsson      B17
Linda Myhrman                B15
Josefin Nordqvist            B18 
Lucas Carlsson                  B18
Casper Nisula                    K18
Sandra Arvidsson            B17


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If you want to be anonymous you can write anonymous instead of our name.

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