KULA - Career Fair

Next Career Fair will take place the 6th of February 2020. If you want to participate or receive information about the offers we have for you please send an email to massutskottet@ksek.se or fill in the form here to the right.
KULA is a Career Fair at the Chemistry- and Biotechnology guild. During a day companies get the chance to talk and interact with students from different grades and share information with them. This is an unique opportunity for you as a company to get a bigger exposure at our guild.
The purpose with KULA is to promote a good relation between the guilds students and companies. Moreover, KULA is there to improve the knowledge about different companies businesses and what opportunities there could be in the future.  

The day begins with breakfast followed by the Career Fair, between 10.00 and 15.30. KULA ends with a dinner where the companies and the students get an opportunity to interact in a more relaxed environment.

The file below describes the packages we offer for KULA 2020.