What we offer

The Guild for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology always aspires to create good connections between our students and the industry. Thus we provide various options for you as an enterprise to inspire our students and create interest in your company.

case night

By organizing a so called case night, we try bring forth our students’ creative sides and you as an enterprise have the possibility to take part in and influence these activities. Do you have a good case that would help develop good problem solving skills among the students? We are open for any kind of idea or arrangement. You may also combine the case night with, for example, a presentation of your company followed by some mingle if desired.
For more information, send an e-mail to: k-ikgordf@tlth.se

lunch presentation

During a lunch presentation, you have the opportunity to talk about your activities while the students enjoy a light lunch prepared by the IKG-group. You may, of course, adapt your target group according to what you may find relevant.
For discussions about costs, send an e-mail to: k-ikgordf@tlth.se


There are always new ways to spread your brand among our students, which is why we can offer you various services such as public information, posters and the like. For example, we may spread your company logo on our website, in our student newspaper, “Kempen” or during different events that we organize. We can also print your logo on pens, rulers, water 
bottles, etc.
For more information, send an e-mail to: k-ikgordf@tlth.se

mingel nights

During these events, you may meet students and create good contacts with potential future colleagues in a more casual environment. These may be followed by a dinner party (called ‘sittning’ in Swedish) or a pub, and be the follow up to case exercises or other workshops.
For more information, send an e-mail to: k-ikgordf@tlth.se