The Career Fair Committee

The Career Fair Committee manages the K-guilds very own career fair, KULA. We deal with contacts to companies which are willing to exhibit at the fair and makes sure the day is successful, for both students and companies. There are many different packages for the day so contact us, so we can find a solution that fits you the best.
A commitment in the Career Fair Committee will involve you facing many different challenges and tasks, from planning the day to contacting companies.
Contact us on: massutskottet​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Head of the Career Fair

Name and year:     V.A Kant
Email:          ​​​​​​​

Career Fair Contact

Name and year:  Gabriella Andersson
                            Anastasiia Kononenko                                    
                            Johanna Forsvall              B16
                            Sandra Arvidsson
                            Sofia Bengtsson
                            Yusuf Qasem
                            V.A Kant


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