The Information Committee

(Swedish: Informationsutskottet)
The Information Committee’s (InfU) major task is to convey and spread information at the Guild. There are a few channels of information to choose from; the Guild's newspaper Druiden, the weekly journal Orbitalen, as well as the Guild's webpage. The Information Committee also has an archivist who is responsible for the Guild's archives, where one might find a variety of different things, as well as the occasional Guild treasure. InfU also makes sure that there is a photographer present during the Guild’s activities. Pictures taken during these activities may then be used for different kinds of purposes by the members of the Committees and the Guild in general.

Head of Communication

Name: Ingrid Isacsson
Year :      K16
Telephone:  0761043940

As the Head of Communication I plan and organise the tasks of the committee. The tasks are everything from photographing and recording of events to writing articles to the guild paper Druiden. The Information Committee is also in charge of the homepage and the archive of the K-guild.
You should talk or send an e-mail to me or the other members of the committee if you:
- have ideas for the next Druiden
- have information that needs to be spread out fast, for example through our facebook site
- soon will have an event and need someone to take photos or record
- need help creating a poster
- need information about anything


Name and year:       Sera Susan Jacob
                                 V.A. Kant   

The Redacteurs will together with the Journalists produce the K-Guilds own magazine Druiden and give out to student members of the Guild and other students at other guilds. The Redacteurs will also make the K-Guilds newsletter Orbitalen. The person responsible for Druiden and Orbitalen is the president of the Student board.


Name and Year:

    Alva Rodhe
    Andrea Öhlander
    Filippa Wentz
    Erik Robertsson
    Julia Thomasson
    Simon Enbom 

Our task is to write articles and other fun things for the K-guild's magazine Druiden. Write to us if you have anything in particular you would like to see in it!


Helena Bjereus

The Krabbofixes are the guild's website manager (read hacker). Are there any fun events coming up? Is your committee doing something cool that the rest of the guild should know about? Do you have a fun idea about what the question of the week could be next week? Then it is the Krabbofix you should contact!


Name and Year:
   Jerry Guan
   Andrea Calais
E-mail:    photograph​​​​​​​   ​​​​​​​

The Photographers task is to take pictures and document all the fun things happening in the Guild, such as parties, the introduction weeks and pubs. The Photographers are also responsible for editing the pictures and making sure that they are accessible for all members. 

Da Vinci

Name:      Karl Möllerberg 
Year:        K17
E-mail:    davinci​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Da vinci, the art director. He can help you to create posters and logos. Da Vincis makes the cover of the newspaper Drudien.



Tage Rosenqvist 

The Archiver is responsible for the archive and the trophy cabinet of the K-guild, as well as almost everything else that documents the activity of the guild.


 Hannah Viklund 

The Cinematographer is the person who is responsible for creating movies for the sektion and maintaining the YouTube channel "K-sektionen vid LTH".


Do you have any ideas that you want to share with us? If so, send us a message by filling out the form below!
If you want to be anonymous you can write anonymous instead of our name.

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