Volounteer Election 2017

It's time to elect the volounteers for 2017!
The nomination opens 6th October and closes 10th October at 5pm. You can nominate both yourself and others to as many different things as you want.
When the nomination has closed the Nomination Committee will send out forms to everyone who has been nominated. From these forms and from the interviews the nomination committee will put forward a proposal.
On the 23-24th of November it's time for Fall Guild Meeting where the members of the K-guild will decide who are going to be volounteers next year. At the meeting you can candidate if there's any volounteerposts that you're interested in.

Do you feel like you don't have a clue? No panic!
Underneath you find the Valguide - a guide to the Volounteer Election. It's filled with information about all the different ways you can be involved at the K-guild.

Do you feel like you still don't have the answers to all your questions? Talk to someone who currently is a volounteer, click on the committee you're interested in in the menu to the left, and you will find name and pictures of all the volounteers 2016.