An Enlightened Introduction 2019

Welcome to the K-guild and congratulations on your spot on the Biotechnology or Chemical engineering program! This is a page for the 2019 Introduction at the K-guild. It is meant to give you all the information you need to prepare for the Introduction and the start of the school term. Here, you will find valuable information about the Introduction, the school and Lund. If you have any questions, any at all, do not hesitate to email If we cannot help you, we will direct you to someone who can! 

The theme of this year’s Introduction at the K-guild is “An Enlightened Introduction”. So make yourself ready to explore the alchemical reality and together with the pHøs and the mentors carry out the Great Work – Magnum Opus. But most of all, prepare yourself for a wonderful time you will late forget.

What is the Introduction?

First, in Swedish the introduction is called “Nollning”. So, what is the Nollning? 

At the beginning of the autumn semester, all the guilds at LTH organize a student-reception event for the new students. The title Nolla (Zero in English) is given to those who haven't studied at LTH before and have zero experience to the student life and culture here. After the Nollegasque, at the end of the introduction, the student becomes Etta (One in English).
The purpose of the Nollning is to quickly enter the community at the K-guild and LTH, meet new friends, find people to study with and to have fun. Many of the people that come to Lund are worried about the first time here since they don't know anyone in the entire city, and that is exactly why the introduction exists.

The Nollning is the start of a fantastic time at LTH and the K-guild! The goal of the Nollning is to make you feel right at home in Lund, at LTH and at the K-guild. The Nollning is absolutely crammed with events that we hope will help you get to know your fellow students, older students (your mentors) and get a flying start to the studies and the student life in Lund. Competitions, parties, Nolle missions, study evenings, dinner parties (sittning), sport events, swims in the lake Lake, a flight over the sea to Denmark, competitions with and against the other Guilds at LTH, and much much more will fill your five first fantastic weeks at LTH!

The Introduction is an event to make you as a new student feel welcome and safe in Lund and at the K-guild. To make sure that everyone feels welcome there are two very important rules to follow:
  • The Introduction is completely optional for everyone involved to participate in. 
  • Openness and respect should always be present.

The Mentor Group

Your mentor group will be the first people you meet during the Introduction, and the very foundation of your first time at the K-guild. The international mentor group consists of 12 mentors, which are older students at the Guild (both Swedish and international students), and many new students (In Swedish: Nollor). Below are the eight mentor groups of the K-guild. DeVices is the international mentor group.

Bonsai Campus

Bonsai Campus is an app which is used during the Introduction to keep track of all events and buy tickets. In the app, there will be information about all the events, and tickets for parties and food will be sold in the app. Therefore, it is important that you download the app, and create an account. Do not forget to enter food preferences, and add a payment method under the “settings” tab. When you are asked to choose a study year, choose study year 1.

Click the picture to access the Introduction Guide. In the Introduction Guide you will find important information about the Introduction, which will be good to know during the Introduction, but also to prepare.