An Explosive Introduction 2018

Welcome to the K-guild and congratulations on your spot on the Biotechnology or Chemical engineering program. Here at Lunds Tekniska Högskola (Lund's Technical Institute) and the K-guild you will have the time of your life. It all begins with the introduction to the engineering student life: Nollning.
When you arrive at LTH you will be greeted by the Phøs, your mentors (who are older students at the guild) and other helpful guild members that will help and guide you.
On this page you can find lots of information about the fun things that awaits during your first weeks at LTH. Welcome!

HI THERE NOLLAN! Click here to find information about The pHøs to find out what they want The Nolla to know, in order to have as much fun as possible during the introduction to the studentlife here at LTH.


On this page you can find the schedule for the introduction. It is nice to always know where and when the fun happens!

Exactly what is Nollning? What can you expect of this first weeks at LTH? Click here and get the answers to (most of) your questions.

Don't forget!

1. Notification of admission Nollan should print this and bring it with you. It will work as your student identification before you get your student card.
2. The Introduction Guide. The Nolla won't survive without it.
3. Suit/Dress. If The Nolla has a dress coat / long evening gown The Nolla should bring them as well, since they may come to use.
4. Money. In the beginning of the year one might need to spend some extra money due to purchasing course literature, ouveralle, dinner parties etc. Sometimes cash will be necessary.
5. Join the Student Union at LTH - TLTH. To be able to get tickets to dinner parties, go to pubs and join most other activities a membership at the Student Union is necessary. The mentors will help the Nolla if the Nolla have trouble joining the Student Union.

Det här är Miraculix, K-sektionens skyddshelgon. Du hittar honom lite överallt på hemsidan och om Du klickar på honom tar han med Dig på en rundvandring på hemsidan och visar många viktiga sidor.

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