The Nations

As a student in Lund you have to visit one of the nations, they are one of the reasons that makes Lund such a great town to study in. The nations organizes restaurant events, sports activities, lunches, cultural events, pubs and night clubs. There are 13 different nations and everyone has their individual orientation, meaning you have 13 chances to find your own favourite. When started, the nations were a way for the students to unite with other people from their place of origin, therefore the nations are named after Swedish counties, cities or regions. Today, however, you may join whichever you like.
12 of the Nations cooperates with Studentlund. If you are a member in one of these nations you will receive many benefits from Studentlund. In order to sign up for the housing queue of Akademiska Föreningens Bostäder (AFB) you need to be a member in a nation.

The different Nations

Blekingska Nationen     The Nation of Blekinge
Göteborgs Nation          The Nation of Göteborg
Hallands Nation            The Nation of Halland
Helsingkrona Nation     The Nation of Helsingkrona  
Kalmar Nation              The Nation of Kalmar
Krischansta Nation       The Nation of Krischansta
Lunds Nation                 The Nation of Lund
Malmö Nation                The Nation of Malmö
Smålands Nation*          The Nation of Småland*
Sydskånska Nationen     The Nation of Sydskåne
Västgöta Nation             The Nation of Västgöta
Wermlands Nation          The Nation of Wermland
Östgöta Nation                The Nation of Östgöta

*This nation does not collaborate with Studentlund