Student counsellors and Social worker

You can contact Studievägledningen, SVL, if you have questions about you education. It could be questions concerning you studies as well as you social life, coaching but also about everything else which may affect your studies!
You can find us in the end of the E-building, at the southern entrance.
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Student counsellor of Biotechnology

Name: Görel Eriksson
Telephone:    046 - 222 08 79

Student counsellor of Chemical engineering

Name: Ingemar Åkerberg
Telephone:   046 - 222 14 85

Social workers

In the E-building (at the same place as the Student counsellors) you can find the Social workers of LTH. Their task is to help you with personal problems or if you simply feel like you need someone to talk to. More information about contact and where to find them you can find here. ​​​​​​​

The Student Health

The focus of the Student Health is help you with your studies and most commonly works with limited operations, usually 5 appointments at most. They are there when you are in need of support, advice or help when you are feeling down. For more information click here.