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On Friday, April 8th, at 17(..) is the last chance to sign up if you'd like food at the Guild Spring Meeting. You sign up here:

See you at the Guild Meeting!

The Student Board

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Do you want to create LTH:s best three days event? An event where students from all over Sweden join us to have fun? In that case, send en email to with your name, a short motivation why you want to be a part of F1 Röj and your best party trick!
Last date to apply is the 11th of April, then we’ll get back to you for interviews.
Ronja Lilienau, Boss of F1 Röj 2016

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In May, the union's sports club; Teknologkårens IF plan to compete in Studentiaden, the swedish student championships in the following sports:

Basketball (3 vs 3)

There are classes for men, women and mixed teams and everyone can participate, regardless of skills. 
Are you interested? Then send an e-mail to

/Johan Andersson, Teknologkårens IF

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During lunch hour on Monday 20/3 the task force for long-term goals invites the members of the K-guild to a workshop in room Marie Curie (next to KC:M). At the workshop the goals suggested by the task force will be discussed in order to make the final suggestion better. At the Spring Guild Meeting the members will then vote for the definitive goals. Make sure that your voice is heard! Note that the workshop and associated documents will be in swedish, but can of course be translated. Don't hesitate to ask someone in the Student Board for more information!
The Task Force for Long-term Goals

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On April 11th and 12th, the Spring Guild Meeting will take place. Information about the event can be found here.
If you'd like food during the meeting, you have register no later than April 8th. You register on this link.

Note: The meeting will be held in Swedish!

Hope you're as excited as we are!
Hugs from
The Student Board

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Ett tillfälligt fel har uppstått med Instagramflödet. Var vänlig försök igen senare.

Just nu befinner du dig på fliken Student. Här finns en veckosammanfattning som visar vad som ska hända i veckan. Även veckans fråga finns här och handlar om allt mellan himmel och jord där InfU tar reda på vad K-sektionen faktiskt tycker och tänker om saker och ting.