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Fill the form if you want to get an SMS from Kemicentrum during emergencies. You can find the form HERE.

//Frida Heskebeck, Safety officer 2016

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It is now possible to candidate to two volunteer positions in the Student Board: Vice President and Head of Corporate Relations again. The form is in Swedish and will be closed on Thursday 11:59 pm. If you'd like to candidate make sure you contact the Nomination Committee ( well before deadline and we will send the questions in English to you!

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The K-guild has recently joined the Swedish Federation of Young Scientists. In order to stay joined to it, we need to anually send in a list of our members. The purpose of this form is to gather information for this list. The form closes at the end of the year!

Please help the Guild by filling out this form

Thank you!
Hugs from
The Student Board

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Ett tillfälligt fel har uppstått med Instagramflödet. Var vänlig försök igen senare.

Just nu befinner du dig på fliken Student. Här finns en veckosammanfattning som visar vad som ska hända i veckan. Även veckans fråga finns här och handlar om allt mellan himmel och jord där InfU tar reda på vad K-sektionen faktiskt tycker och tänker om saker och ting.