Are you curious about iGEM Lund and want to be part of the next year’s team? Come by Cornelis at the Student Union Building (next to the entrance on the first floor) during Tuesday lunch 3/10 and get an insight into what iGEM is all about. Get to talk to the members of iGEM Lund 2017, get answers to your questions and find out about the recruitment process.
You can already register your interest in participating in iGEM Lund 2018 by signing up in this form:

The Facebook event:
Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Slowly Sångarstriden 2017 is closing in. This is a contest where all the Guilds compete against each other in choir and musical theater (spex) with our love for music as the foundation.
Sounds interesting? We are already looking for people that are interested in writing the lyrics for the choir parts. (Be aware that the lyrics might be in swedish)
We are also looking for people who would like to take some extra responsibility over a certain vocal range. You would then listen more closely to your choir part and support your friends when you practise later on. We need at least one responsible for each part. The parts are base, tenor, alto and soprano.
More information will be given the 20/9 in KC:A. There we will explain more in depth what Sångarstriden is about, what the K-guild will contribute with and how you can participate in this big event!
If you are interested, please contact us at
Linnéa Tengvall, Song Contest Team Leader
Jerry Guan, Choir Leader

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With regards to recent discussions about alienation at the Guilds, the Equality Officers and the Safety Officer are conducting a survey on how the K-guild’s members are enjoying the Guild. We hope you will take the time to complete the survey, your answer will be a valuable contribution to the Guild’s future work with equality treatment issues.

Please note that the survey is completely anonymous, and the answers will only be treated by the Equality Officers and the Safety Officer.

// Sarah Lindblom, Equality Officer.
   Elin Larsson, Equality Officer.
   Linnea Gustafsson, Safety Officer.

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In number 11 of Kårnytt it was possible to read that the study periods will change until the next school year. The reason for the change is statistics that show that students who take re-examinations prior to the week when they have their original exams often don't pass all of the exams. There isn't enough time to study enough for all of the exams which means that you still have the same amount of courses left to pass. Next year the re-examination period in January will be moved to right after Easter and it will also be longer, two weeks instead of one. In addition, the re-examination period in Junde will be removed. The ambition with this change is to increase the number of exams that are passed. 

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Do you want to have your drawing in the new songbook? Do you want to make something that will be long remembered in the k-guild? Draw a black and white picture to a beer-, wine-, or snapssong, and you might get your picture in the new songbook!

Send your contributions to before 23/4.

Best regards, The songbook group.

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The Song Book Group wants your opinion about the songbook!
Nominate your favouriet songs (even those who aren't in Swedish) and give your opinion about the songbook on this link www.tinyurl.com_/k-sangbok

//The Song Book Group

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Have you heard of Las Gegas? No? It is the new and exciting project group under the recreation committee at The student union at Lund University, faculty of Engineering, who is hosting this springs coolest event. It will take place the 5-6 of May, do not miss Las GeGas!

It's a competition like no other in the style of the Japanese game show "human tetris". If you can't fit in the hole, prepare for a sweet dip in our pool of goo! In Las Gegas you compete in teams of maximum 12 people. As a competitor you will not only partake in the whacky competition - you will also be invited to the team-party Friday and the competition-sitting Saturday before the big final party.

Keep an eye out for the green coats!

You can report your interest at this link.

You can also read more at and at our Facebook event!

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What did you think about KULA 2017? Do You have any opinions on what went well, or what could be improved? Then use two minutes of Your time to answer the questions about how You think KULA went so that IKG can improve it even more to next year! Every answer is deeply appreciated as they contribute to us getting a broader view of how You experienced KULA 2017!

Link to evaluation

Emma Månsson, B14
Head of Corporate Relations 2017

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The 20th of february it's time for Athena and Kärleksakutens workshop about values and tolerance! There will be fika! Sign up by swishing 30 kronor to 0737607686 (Gerda). Write Athena, your name and foodpreferences! See you there :) 

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The Nomination Committee informs that there are positions open for application:
Commander Ion
Person for the Committee of Corporate Relations
Deputy accountant
Member of TLTH:s Election Committee 

If your interested in one of these positions please contact the Nomination Committee at

Last application day for Commander Ion is 12/2.

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The application for mentor have now opened!
Fill in the following link to apply:
All applicants have to fill in an application even if you are applying in group of two or three.
If you have any questions about the application please contact one of us.

The application closes 5/2 17.00.
We hope that you are excited to apply for mentor!
Kramar, Phøset

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Do you want to receive an SMS when there is a crisis situation at Kemicentrum? Enter name and telephone number in the form bellow and you will be added to Kemicentrum's SMS-list for crisis situations. PLEASE NOTE, even if you filled out a form like this last year, you need to fill it out again in order to continue to receive text messages. / Linnea Gustafsson, Safety Officer 2017


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Do you think that the songs are what makes a sitting a sitting? Do you wonder why your favourit drinkingsong is not in our song book? Do you want to decide what the new song book should be like? 
​- ​Join the Song book Project Group!

Contact if you want to join or have any questions​. 

/​Linnéa Petersson, Toastmaster​ 2017

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On tuesday 24/1 12.15 the Student Board will elect volunteers. The nominees are: 
Gadgeteer-Joel van Lunteren
Contact Person for the Committee of Corporate Relations- Anh Nguyen
Photograph- Cecilia Håkansson
Equality Officer- Sarah Lindblom
Sports Ion- Fanny Redin

If you wish to candidate please inform Dennis Bogren at before 22/1 23.59.

/The K-Guild Nomination Committee

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Would you like to compete in the biggest engineering competition in Europe and how good wouldn’t it look on your CV? For more information, check out the event.

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The following positions are still available to apply for: Journalist, Contact Person for the Committee of Corporate
Relations, Sports Ion, Gadgeteer and Equality Officer. 
If you are interested email 

If you want to be elected before the weekend of change the last day to apply is this Thursday 19/1 and questions need to be answered before 12.00 Friday 20/1. 
New volounteers are elected at the Board meeting next week.

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There are still some positions that are open for application: 
Sports captain
Deputy accountant
Member of TLTH:s Election Committee

If your interested in one of these positions please contact the nomination committee at
Last application day for Sports captain and Photograph is 15/1.

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Ett tillfälligt fel har uppstått med Instagramflödet. Var vänlig försök igen senare.

Just nu befinner du dig på fliken Student. Här finns en veckosammanfattning som visar vad som ska hända i veckan. Även veckans fråga finns här och handlar om allt mellan himmel och jord där InfU tar reda på vad K-sektionen faktiskt tycker och tänker om saker och ting.