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The application for mentor have now opened!
Fill in the following link to apply:
All applicants have to fill in an application even if you are applying in group of two or three.
If you have any questions about the application please contact one of us.

The application closes 5/2 17.00.
We hope that you are excited to apply for mentor!
Kramar, Phøset

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Do you want to receive an SMS when there is a crisis situation at Kemicentrum? Enter name and telephone number in the form bellow and you will be added to Kemicentrum's SMS-list for crisis situations. PLEASE NOTE, even if you filled out a form like this last year, you need to fill it out again in order to continue to receive text messages. / Linnea Gustafsson, Safety Officer 2017


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Do you think that the songs are what makes a sitting a sitting? Do you wonder why your favourit drinkingsong is not in our song book? Do you want to decide what the new song book should be like? 
​- ​Join the Song book Project Group!

Contact if you want to join or have any questions​. 

/​Linnéa Petersson, Toastmaster​ 2017

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On tuesday 24/1 12.15 the Student Board will elect volunteers. The nominees are: 
Gadgeteer-Joel van Lunteren
Contact Person for the Committee of Corporate Relations- Anh Nguyen
Photograph- Cecilia Håkansson
Equality Officer- Sarah Lindblom
Sports Ion- Fanny Redin

If you wish to candidate please inform Dennis Bogren at before 22/1 23.59.

/The K-Guild Nomination Committee

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Would you like to compete in the biggest engineering competition in Europe and how good wouldn’t it look on your CV? For more information, check out the event.

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The following positions are still available to apply for: Journalist, Contact Person for the Committee of Corporate
Relations, Sports Ion, Gadgeteer and Equality Officer. 
If you are interested email 

If you want to be elected before the weekend of change the last day to apply is this Thursday 19/1 and questions need to be answered before 12.00 Friday 20/1. 
New volounteers are elected at the Board meeting next week.

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There are still some positions that are open for application: 
Sports captain
Deputy accountant
Member of TLTH:s Election Committee

If your interested in one of these positions please contact the nomination committee at
Last application day for Sports captain and Photograph is 15/1.

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Ett tillfälligt fel har uppstått med Instagramflödet. Var vänlig försök igen senare.

Just nu befinner du dig på fliken Student. Här finns en veckosammanfattning som visar vad som ska hända i veckan. Även veckans fråga finns här och handlar om allt mellan himmel och jord där InfU tar reda på vad K-sektionen faktiskt tycker och tänker om saker och ting.